Wu Am I?

Have you you ever wondered, what name you would have adopted upon becoming a member of the Wu-Tang Clan? If you haven’t you are nothing like me – and if you have, then there is finally an answer: The Wu-Tang Clan name generator! My Wu name is Cybernetic Tiger. Nice!
I will admit that the name conversion does not always work flawlessly, for example the site doesn’t recognise real Clan members’ names (type in ‘Clifford Smith’, and you get ‘Homicidal Terrahawk’, instead of ‘Method Man’). Also, if you type in your Wu-name again, the outcome may not necessarily be what you expect: Wu-ifying ‘Cybernetic Tiger’ gets you ‘Big Gay Mule’… (I’m not even making this up!). But these are minor glitches, and the Cybernetic Tiger (who will henceforth refer to himself in the third person) is quite happy to overlook them.
To find out, what your Wu-Name is, click here.

“Unnecessary” Quotation “Marks”

I came across yet another cool blog the other day – The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks. It collects examples of the particularly stupid, superfluous or simply hilarious use of quotation marks (I am fully aware of the fact that finding unnecessary quotation marks “hilarious” might reflect poorly on me, and that I have just used quotation marks myself, though I reckon you could make a case for their use in this instance). Below, you can find a few examples I particularly like – there are loads more on the blog itself which you can view by clicking here.