Trailer for ‘The Rum Diary’

I am SO looking forward to this! Like any white middle-class university student, I had a strange, inexplicable obsession with Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (both the book and the film) in my first year at uni, and had a massive movie poster, roughly the size of a kingsize bed on my wall. Eventually, however, after watching the film about 20 times in six months, and heavily overusing certain film references (‘We can’t stop here – this is bat country’), the hype sort of died down. Or maybe everyone just moved on to the next movie – you know, the usual stuff that was about as far removed from our everyday reality in a small English city as was humanly possible, but somehow incredibly cool. The Big Lebowski, Withnail and I, Trainspotting and so on and so forth Drug movies that it was cool to like (even if the most potent thing you had ever smoked was a cheap cigar from the local off-licence).

I haven’t seen any of these films in a while, although what has remained as a constant reminder is that some of my friends and I irritatingly continued to call each other Dude, Duder, or El Duderino ‘(if you’re not into the whole brevity thing’). There may also still be the odd ‘as your attorney, I advise you…’ or ‘Walter, what’s your point?’ thrown into the mix… Other than that, however, it seemed until recently that Hunter S. Thompson was a literary phase in my life that had passed. Much like Charles Bukowski or Irvine Welsh.
But then, by complete coincidence, I came across the trailer for The Rum Diary some days ago. And it’s not just another Thompson piece turned into a movie – like Fear and Loathing it also features Johnny Depp (who finally seems to have grown tired of playing a moronic pirate in increasingly annoying Disney movies)! Check out the trailer below – the best thing about it are easily Johnny Depp’s sunglasses!