Drake – 9AM in Dallas

I often find that the wrong songs get the most air time – and if you don’t bother to listen to the entire album, you will end up missing the genuinely good ones. Take Drake’s album ‘Thank Me Later‘ for example. Sure, it was successful. Sure, it had lead singles that were played over and over (Think ‘Miss Me’ or ‘Over’). But the album’s best song by a long stretch never got the recognition it deserved – it was never released as a single, nor was there a video to promote it. The song I am talking about is ‘9AM in Dallas’, which in my opinion embodies everything good about Drake’s music. It’s boastful, but contains just enough of Drake’s trademark self-doubt to make it likeable – and whoever argues that Drake is not a rapper will have to concede that those are some pretty good lyrics for a singer…
For some stupid reason, I never bothered listening to ‘So Far Gone‘ in full. Last week, however, I finally succumbed to the ongoing i-everything hype and bought my first iPhone. It took me a while to come around to it, as I am one of those people who feel that if something is universally loved, it must be flawed in some really obvious way. Granted, this is not really a logical thought process, maybe the best way to describe it is by analogy to pre-pubescent music preferences, which in my case were usually shaped by disliking on principle what certain other people loved, whilst endorsing what they hated. Yeah, I know, I was creative that way but at least this meant that I was trying to moonwalk (unsuccessfully) and defending MJ (equally unsuccessfully) when my class mates where still listening to David Hasselhoff. For those of you who don’t know me in person, this bit of information should allow you to infer my age (roughly) and nationality (with absolute certainty). But back to the iPhone – I bought one, realised that sometimes dissent on principle is utterly stupid and started downloading music, apps, videos and movies like there was no tomorrow (or rather: no credit limit on my card). I think this digital shopping frenzy has mainly been fuelled by the fascination, that it is actually possible to to all this with my PHONE! One of these downloads was Drake’s aforementioned debut album. And at this point, I would just like to declare that anyone who felt that ‘Thank Me Later‘ wasn’t as good as ‘So Far Gone‘ (which up to this point included myself) is a moron! ‘Thank Me Later‘ is incredible. I’ve been listening to it all weekend, and hate myself for not having donse so sooner. Which I guess is sort of in line with my new favourite Drake quote ‘Better late than never, but never late is better‘…

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