Prototype Raptor – Drive Hard

I spent the better part of yesterday talking to very friendly but utterly clueless people in a call centre. As it turns out, changing your address in an electronic customer registry can easily take half a day. I think for everyone involved, it was a good thing that I could only express my growing irritation via the phone, although I sincerely hope that my calls weren’t recorded for training purposes… However, despite having to spell my address and provide my post code an estimated 42 times, and explaining to a total of five customer advisors that I moved from the address on their system over a year ago, three things made it a good day. First, I did actually get the address changed so by purely consequentialst standards the whole thing was a success. Secondly, it was really nice outside – and thirdly, I discovered this awesome track by Prototype Raptor that sounds like Slagsmålsklubben with added reverb. Not a new song, but a good one!

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