Monsieur Adi – Blood (Original Mix)

One thing I have noticed about the way I consume music is that by having so much new stuff so readlily available all the time, individual songs rarely excite me anymore. More often than not, I will not recognise songs I have on my iPod these days. That used to be VERY different when I bought CDs and would not only memorise lyrics, but also track lists on CDs. Given the lack of lyrics, I find this particularly obvious with a lot of electronic music – much of what I currently listen to simply has a signature sound, and I am indifferent between individual tracks as long as they cater to that sound. Of course, this is not true for all electronic music, and sometimes you find a song that really grabs your attention, which happened to me late last night, when I first listened to Monsieur Adi’s ‘Blood‘. The songs starts off like a slightly edgier version of a Yann Tiersen soundtrack, before going all 80’s on the audience and finally devolves into slightly experimental, Daft-Punke-esque, distortion sounds. Sounds shit? Well, give it a try, I guarantee that it is better than my description (even though I’d maintain that it’s a fair one).

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