Pusha-T’s Top-5 ‘Yeach’ sounds

Often it’s the small things in life you enjoy the most, right? The other day for example, I found a really efficient way to cut bell peppers. Hands down made my day! It’s the same thing with randomly discovering a good song. Or catching the last tube at night. Or getting a post card from someone you haven’t seen in ages. One of the smallest – even miniscule details that gives me enormous joy is hearing a certain sound. If you like the Clipse and Pusha-T, you will probably already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t know the Clipse, listen to ‘Hell hath no Fury‘, which is arguably one of the best rap albums of the past decade, and if you don’t like the Clipse at all, you might as well stop reading right now. But back to my point about small enjoyable things: On many if not most of the songs that Pusha-T (one half of the Clipse) is on, he will make a very distinctive guttural sound. Something that music lyric websites will denote as ‘Urgh’, ‘Eghck’, or ‘Yeach’ (depending on the song and website). No matter what spelling you prefer though, it makes any song at least ten percent better! For your listening pleasure, I have therefore complied Top-5 Pusha-T songs, that feature the ‘Yeach’ sound. As I said before: It’s the small things…

#5 Clipse – We Got It for Cheap
Where’s the ‘Yeach’?: 0.22
Comment: The opening track of ‘Hell hath no Fury’ is one of my favourite Clipse songs – and the very first sound that Pusha gives off on the very best Clipse album to date? ‘Yeach’! Enough said. Rating:



#4 Pixie Lott feat. Pusha-T – What do you take me for?
Where’s the ‘Yeach’?: 0.50
Comment: Arguably the wild card entry in this list. Let’s face it, this is a terribly plain pop song, that is not even saved by a video trying to be edgy and sexy (it achieves neither and instead settles for ‘awkward’). Plus, the collaboration with Pusha-T was obviously dreamt up by some record exec, who felt that Pixie could tap into the young urban music market, by adding some street cred in the shape of a ‘controversial’ rapper. To illustrate this point, watch the featurette of the music video below, in which Pixie informs us that on her new song ‘this guy called Pusha-T does a rap’… However, the video also features both the redeeming features this song has to offer: Pusha’s Balenicaga sneakers and a big, fat YEACH!




#3 Clipse – Hello New World
Where’s the ‘Yeach’?: 0.48
Comment: ‘Say yes, n***as here the ‘urgh’ any they know it’s me’ – essentially an in-song meta-level analysis of earler lyrics, as Pusha reflects on the recognisable and distinctive features of his rap style. That, or just a really dope line…Rating:



#2 Clipse – Showin’ Out
Where’s the ‘Yeach’?:0.02
Comment: It was a close call between this one and the song in first place – maybe it’s just the lack of Vinnie Paz that let’s the song down a bit… One of the best songs on ‘Till the Casket Drops’ opens with Pusha’s trademark sound, and it does so in a way that makes me want to listen to the first 5 seconds on repeat.



#1 Vinnie Paz feat. Clipse – Street Wars
Where’s the ‘Yeach’?: 0.25
Comment: This song inspired the Top-5 in the first place. Vinnie Paz and Clipse on the same song is a great thing in and by itself, but it also happens to feature the best YEACH! of all times!Rating:

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