DJ Strong Arm – …Because You’re About to Get Mindfucked!

I may have to revise my default position on mash-ups from ‘mostly annoying’ to ‘awesome’ (although I would add that this only applies as long as they don’t feature ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Go and find a new song!).
Anyway, this mash-up is out-of-this-world good. It takes a pre-rescession song by Slim Thug featuring Young Jeezy and pairs it with a beat that is somewhere between EDM and Dubstep. It doesn’t really make sense, until you get to the 2.25 min mark, when, after a Piano crescendo and Slim Thug’s announcement that ‘they know who it is‘, that beat which is best described as ‘relentless’ kicks in (who would have thought that Slim Thug, ‘Dub Step’ and ‘piano crescendo’ would ever be used to describe one and the same song?). Other highlights? Well, there are Jeezy’s lyrics which are pure poetry: “Iced out belt buckle, they never had a chance, drop 60 grand just to hold up my pants“, a statement that defies the very notion of cost-effectiveness (and good taste).

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