Watch The Throne – N***as in Paris

As you will undoubtedly have noticed, today is Valentine’s Day. For a while I thought I should use this occasion to write a semi-ironic blog entry about music that people post on such a day, ideally by including a love song that is both unoffensive and easily likeable. A song by an artist who gets played on tinny sounding iPod speakers at picnics because no one has any serious objections to the music. You know, a song from an album that is available as sheet music. Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon came to mind, so I searched my iTunes library for potential songs. Turns out that Justin Vernon is not only featured on a few Kanye West tracks, but is credited as a co-writer and producer on Watch The Throne’s ‘That’s My Bitch’ which in the context of Valentine’s Day I found quite funny. Ultimately, however, posting ‘That’s My Bitch’ as a Valentine’s Day song seemed like a really obvious joke to go for. And since I realised in time that ‘semi-ironic’ is really just a euphemism for ‘moronic’, I also discarded the original idea for this post, so there won’t be any Bon Iver or Fleet Foxes. Instead, here is WTT’s latest video which is the visual for ‘N***as in Paris’, a song that at least some would probably not want to play at a picnic (irrespective of the speaker quality). Judging from the video, the style mantra is still ‘all-black-everything’, although it appears to have been expanded in this instance to ‘all-black-Givenchy-everything’ (with leather skirts)… And if you don’t really know what that means:
“No one knows what it means. But it is provocative. It get’s the people going!”

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