Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Remix)

I feel like this post needs some sort of qualifying statement – after all, it’s another remix of the song, that the last post was a remix of (this is quite a confusing sentence, and this observation in brackets probably does very little in terms of adding clarity). Why would anyone post two remixes of the same song on consecutive days? The answer to this annoyingly rhetorical question is very simple (or at least easier than deciphering the first sentence of this post) – you just need to press play. Then listen to the song. Then repeat those two steps indefinitely (or at least for two days straight). Then notice that the line ‘Don’t tell me your youth is running out – it’s only just begun’ is stuck in your head. Then start worrying about the onset of a mid-life crisis and critically examine your receding hair line in the mirror.*

*The last two steps are very much optional and should probably be avoided wherever possible

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