Azealia Banks – 212

I can’t take credit for having randomly discovered this track before everyone else (but then again, that’s never been the case anyway), and didn’t even venture as far as browsing one of my favourite bookmarked music blogs to find this – it arrived yesterday by email! And do you know what’s even better than unexpectedly receiving music via email? Unexpectedly receiving GOOD music! Yesteday was such an instance. I had some work to do today, and while drawing up some tedious Excel spread sheets, I listened to this on repeat. If you ever want to define ‘juxtaposition’ try Azealia Banks and Excel spreadsheets…. Having said that, if you ever have to deal with Excel (and I hope for you that you don’t), this song makes the whole soul-destroying experience much more bearable. In fact, I’d go as far as claiming that – eulogies aside – there are few things that couldn’t be improved by ‘212’!

Azealia Banks – 212

And here’s the video:

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