Rebecca & Fiona’s debut album “I Love You, Man”

A couple of weeks ago, Rebecca & Fiona (both of whom I am a little bit in love with) released their debut album I love You, Man, and while for some irritating copyright restriction it’s so far only available on the Swedish iTunes, most of the tracks on it are floating around various music blogs already. There are a few songs I really like, and I have included four of them below. The first one is called ‘Ted’ – and while it could conceivably be mistaken for a Katy Parry B-side at first (which in my book is decidedly nothing any artist would want to aspire to), it is incredibly addictive and R&F somehow manage to make it sound cool. But then again, they single-handedly brought back Buffalo’s (a.k.a. the worst footwear trend of all times) so my guess is that there is very little, they could not pull off.
Rebecca & Fiona: ‘Ted’

The second song on ‘I Love You, Man’ that I wanted to share is called ‘Hard’ (apparently they have a thing for monosyllabic song titles). It reminds me of a sped-up sample of Babyface’s ‘There She Goes’ (although I am not sure if the resemblance is really particularly obvious) – minus the crooning of course…
Rebecca & Fiona: ‘Hard’

The first single of the album is ‘Jane Doe’, for which Rebecca & Fiona shot a video that features wigs, toothbrushes and some serious indoor Croquet action (plus the aforementioned footwear). It also happens to be a good song, though I must admit that I was sold on the Croquet alone.

Finally, I wanted to share a remix of ‘Bullets’, by Rebecca’s boyfriend who is none other than Adrian Lux (you know, the guy one who made ‘Teenage Crime‘).
Rebecca & Fiona: ‘Bullets’ (Adrian Lux & Nause Club Remix)

If you listened to all of the above, liked what you heard, and understand Swedish (this will really only apply to a very small subgroup of you, but never mind), there is also a Swedish TV documentary about Rebecca & Fiona, which you can see here

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