Wolfgang Gartner – Weekend in America

Well, it was about time! Wolfgang Gartner finally released Weekend in America, and even though some of these songs have been out for almost a year now, I was still really excited when I found out – I even set up a Beatport account to buy the album, because I couldn’t find it on iTunes. I think, I like Beatport better, mainly because it does not randomly recommend that I buy Miley Cyrus records, or watch films with Twilight cast members. I always thought the algorithms these programmes use are fairly accurate – but Miley Cyrus? Really? Anyway, below are some new Wolfgang Gartner tracks – I particularly like the fact that one song features Jim Jones and Cam’Ron. Not exactly an obvious choice (I think some Rap blogs didn’t really know what to make of it), but if you ask me a bit of ‘Dipset’/’Skull-Gang’/’whatever they are called these days’ over a Gartner beat sounds pretty good.

Wolfgang Gartner – Circus Freaks (feat. Jim Jones & Cam’ron)

Wolfgang Gartner – The Way It Was

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