Foster The People – Houdini (RAC Remix)

Foster the People will probably always be remembered for recording ‘Pumped up Kicks’ – a song that is easily in my Top 10 of the most irritating and annoying records ever made. Plus, none of their other songs seemed to make up for this musical atrocity for which I have developed an entirely irrational hatred. Most people probably only found it mildly annoying after the second listen (in fact, I don’t know anyone who likes it), but I had it stuck in my head for weeks – and I already disliked it the first time I heard it! As you can probably imagine, I wasn’t exactly a fan of Foster the People up to this point. But then I heard the RAC remix of ‘Houdini’ – and while I haven’t forgiven them for their stupid shoe song just yet, this has certainly put things into perspective.

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