Thomas Gold

That serious looking gentleman with a penchant for woolly jumpers pictured above is Thomas Gold, who incidentally shares his name with a renowned astrophysicist, and is one of my favourite DJs at the moment. Like any other self-respecting German DJ, he lives and works in Berlin. I don’t have any further biographical details to add (although I can tell you that his namesake used to teach at Cornell and was a Fellow of the Royal Society), but frankly, I’m really more interested in his music anyway.
The first song of his that I heard was a remix of Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ – which is probably the best remix I know (and given how many remixes of that song there are, that’s really saying something). The other day, I discovered a collaboration of his with Dirty South entitled ‘Alive’, which is equally phenomenal. And then, there is the aptly yet unfortunately named ‘Marsch, Marsch’ – which while it’s a great song probably does very little in helping to dispel national stereotypes… You can listen to all three songs below:

Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)

Thomas Gold & Dirty South – Alive (feat. Kate Elsworth)

Thomas Gold – Marsch, Marsch

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