Big Z – The Reading

I was browsing through my iTunes library earlier tonight, and came across the first Big Z mixtape again. I listened to this non-stop last summer, and some of the songs are still in my iTunes All-Time Top 25. The one with the most plays is a mashup of Asher Roth and Lil Wayne, which got a total of 273 plays so far (274 by the time I finish this post). I like the piano in the back which sounds like an inverse version of the Still D.R.E. sample but is almost drowned by the synths. Also, I find the juxtaposition of Asher Roth’s social criticism and Weezy’s, well, not quite so socially conscious verse very entertaining. But it’s just a mashup so I guess you can hardly blame the artist. Plus, I must admit that I actually really like Lil Wayne, at least as long as he doesn’t try to play guitar and record Heavy Metal-inspired albums… Check out the Big Z remix below, you can also download all his mixtapes for free via his Facebook page.

Asher Roth & Lil Wayne – The Reading (Big Z Remix)

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