Guess Who’s Bizzack?

I realised the other day, that this is where it all began. Guess Who’s Back is the first Jay-Z song that acknowledges Kanye West. Yeah, I know, that’s big news. Take a minute to let it sink in… Beyond its historical significance, it’s a really old-school Kanye beat that always seems to put me in a good mood. Plus, it coined the expression ‘Guess who’s bizzack?’ which is so ridiculous that it definitely deserves more frequent mentioning. As you may have noticed already, this is my feeble attempt to start a trend, although I am not too optimistic it’ll catch on. Imagine your partner/flatmate or whoever else you are living with kept on asking you who you thought was ‘bizzack’, everytime they returned home – it’d be slightly puzzling at best but much more likely really annoying. Never mind. Just listen to the song. It’s good!

Jay-Z – Guess Who’s Back? (feat. Beanie Siegel)

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