Dr. Dre’s commercial for Chrysler

Am I being cynical here? After all, surely no one would rejoice if they were told that one of their favourite artists had released new material, just to find out that it’s a car commercial. Take P. Diddy who made a commercial for Mercedes as a case in point – I don’t know anyone who would remotely care about it! But then again, P. Diddy is hardly on anyone’s list of favourite artists, so forget I just said that. I guess my point is that if you really like an artist who produced two ingreat albums and singlehandedly re-defined a musical genre, and who hasn’t released anything of significance in a decade, you would hope for slightly more than:
a) a commercial, that
b) is for a rubbish oversized American car, which features
c) a soundsystem apparently designed by aforementioned artist which he shamelessly plugs, and
d) has a message that fundamentally conflicts with the ethos of this blog (to see what I am on about, watch the video and then compare what the man with the husky voice says with the quote at the top of this page)

There are, however, a number of redeeming features to this video. These are:
1) the beat
2) the beat
3) Dr. Dre’s statement that “this is L.A. and this is what we do”. I like the last point, because it raises so many questions. Who are “they”? And what exactly is it, that they do in L.A.? Make car commercials? Drive around at night, overtaking their Doppelgänger whilst he is taking the dog for a jog? Re-fit their cars with custom-designed sound systems? Sell overpriced headphones? Use more steroids than the entire peloton of the Tour de France and bulk up to unnatural proportions? Continuously make promises about a release date for Detox and then push it back time and again?

I have watched this video many times over, and while I still wouldn’t consider buying the car (even if I had the money) or the soundsystem or any of the other ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ products, the beat makes me want to go out get a copy of Detox. Except I can’t. Instead I’ll just have to keep watching this advert until – well, maybe until Dre releases a follow up to his Coors light commercial…

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