The 20:1 scale 50 cent coin

This is a really clever idea that plays on expected size ratios (which is probaly the most pretentious way to introduce what follows below). The guys at skrekkø came up with the idea of an oversized cent coin which they then placed next to real-life objects, thereby making them look miniscule. Beats Photoshop if you ask me! I really want one – and you can even order them from Skrekkøgle’s online shop – unfortunately they are currently out of stock. Too bad. The online shop is still worth a visit though. That’s because the other product on offer is a photo-priniting service where you can get a picture of a deceased relative (or pet) made from their ashes post-incineration (though by the provider’s own admission there are some legal issues to work out first). I’m not really sure what to make of ash-printing to be honest. Anyway, check out some pictures of the infinitely less controversial coin project below.

(All pictures via

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