Game, Lil Wayne & Tyler the Creator – Martians vs Goblins

I genuinely have no idea what to make of this song – there is just too much to take in! For starters, Game and Tyler the Creator on the same track is a rather surprising collaboration. Then there is the content – and as you would expect from any song that features a member of Odd Future, it’s about as vulgar as one could imagine – and then some more! The list of people who are insulted on this track is incredibly eclectic though. Here’s a random (and incomplete) selection: Rihanna, Harry Potter, Marvel comic characters including Spiderman and Captain America, Bruno Mars, Dr. Dre, Mother Theresa, LeBron James’ mother and Erykah Badu. Spot any pattern? No? Me neither…
On a different note, I have been wondering about the title and about who would actually win in a fight between martians and goblins. Personally, I would have to put my money on the martians. I reckon, they would simply have superior technology – goblins wouldn’t really stand a chance. No Lil Wayne verse on this version by the way – he merely contributes a line to the chorus, informing us that ‘(expletive) I’m a (expletive) martian‘. Thanks for that! ‘The Carter IV‘ comes out in less than two weeks though, so we’ll probably hear more of him soon anyway.

Game, Lil Wayne & Tyler the Creator – Martians vs Goblins

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