Watch the Throne – Otis: The Visual

Yes, I know, it’s ANOTHER ‘Watch the Throne’-related post, but they just released a video for ‘Otis’ that I wanted to share. The concept of the video is pretty ridiculous – basically Jay-Z and Kanye destroy a Maybach, put four models in the backseat and take the car for a joyride on what looks like a decommissioned airfield. What I love about it though is that it looks like they are actually having fun, rather than shooting some pretentious pseudo-artistic concept short film with music in the background (for reference see pretty much any other Kanye video…)

Random fact – the guy in the tuxedo who appears halfway through the video is Aziz Ansari, who once went on Letterman, to tell how he got to hang out with Kanye. Funny story.

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