Spencer & Hill (feat. Lil Jon) – Less Go!

Remember Lil Jon? The guy who brought us crunk music? Seems like it was ages ago that everyone was shouting ‘To the windows, to the wall‘. Wait, did people actually ever do that or was it just me? Anyway, the last I heard of him was Dave Chapelle poking fun at him. And then there was that Chris Rock video…

More recently, however, Lil Jon has resurfaced on a number of House tracks, one of which I have listened to a lot whenever I went running during the past two weeks. It’s a remix of a Spencer & Hill song by Porter Robinson, and Lil Jon doesn’t really contribute much in terms of lyrcis other than the tag line. If we’re being honest though that’s probably a good thing…

Spencer & Hill feat. Lil John – Less Go (Porter Robinson Remix)

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