Jerry Rekonius – Meega

There are some things in life that I can’t quite get my head around. The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics for example. Or why anyone would read the Daily Mail. Or why people think that ‘planking’ is funny. More recently, however, something that deeply puzzled me is why no one on Hypem likes Meega by Jerry Rekonius. NO ONE! Not one single person has given the song the thumbs up! There is something wrong here. Yes, it’s not a re-invention of the wheel (what song really is anyway?), but as far as House music goes, this is pretty solid. I at least have listened to it a fair bit. And it definitely deserves more credit than Hypem is currently giving it! And just to anticipate the obvious question here, I don’t know the artist, and have no reason to promote the song other than actually liking it! Check it out below:

Jerry Rekonius – Meega (Original Mix)

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