Snail Mail My Email

In times of digital communication, it’s nice to receive actual letters and post cards, right? But what if you have illegible handwriting, or zero creativity? Or if you are one of those people who have to use lined paper for letters, because otherwise their writing looks wobbly? Enter Snail Mail My Email, who offer to write letters of up to 100 words to anyone you choose. All you need to do is to send them an email with the text of your letter and the recipients address. You can even specify the design (to some extent), and then your letter is hand-written and posted to to designated recipient. Not bad, eh? You can see one example of such a letter below. It probably defeats my point about writing in straight lines, but it certainly gets extra marks for creativity.

I must admit though that I would be a lot happier to receive a letter that was handwritten by the person who wanted to write to me in the first place. And surely, if you have time to think of a text, make sure you stay within the word limit and email everything to Snail Mail My Email, you’d have probably had time to write the letter yourself. And who really cares about neat handwriting anyway?

(Pictures via Snail Mail My Email and Engadget)

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