Oliver Peoples – Daddy B

I will admit that these sunglasses have one major drawback: the name. It’s impossible to make Daddy B sound cool or even remotely acceptable. If you want a cool name, buy some Ray Ban Wayfarers. However, in terms of looks these have got to be some of the best retro sun glasses ever. Plus, Jay-Z wears them which sort of makes the cool by default…

On a related note, it’s strange that Oliver Peoples’ commercial success seems to largely coincide with Brett Easton Ellis mentioning them in American Psycho, where Patrick Bateman (the sociopathic protagonist) wears non-prescription tortoise shell glasses by the same brand (in the movie adaption, Christian Bale has an identical pair) – not really the typical advertisement figure for a fashion brand – but I guess that it seems to have worked in their favour…

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