In Praise of Pragmatism

There is a third Swedish car manufacturer beside Volvo and Saab that you may so far have been unaware of. They are called Koenigsegg, and maybe your lack of familiarity with their products stems from the fact that you haven’t recently been looking for a supercar with more than 1.000 bhp… Koenigsegg have taken it on themselves to cater exclusively for the niche sector of car buyers who are desparate to go from zero to sixty in under three seconds – even if this sets them back millions of pounds. So far, so good. But what happens if said car owners want to go skiing? Until now, supercar aficionados were forced to take one of the many other vehicles in their garage. But then along came Koenigsegg, with an invention that I am sure will be remembered as one of the most pragmatic and practical of all times. A roofbox for a race car to fit your skies in. Simply brilliant, right? On the pictures above and below you can see Koenigsegg‘s Argera (which to me sounds a bit like a mid-range non-stick teflon pan that is endorsed by a celebrity chef) – with its matching roofbox. Now all that’s left to do is to invent a way to fit snow chains to a car with low profile tyres and an inch of ground clearance. But I am sure they’re already working on that…

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