360cities panoramic pictures

You know those movie scenes (mostly computer-animated), where people can zoom into pictures to reveal a ridiculos amount of detail? Usually it’s a case of satelites reading number plates from space, or ultrazoom lenses with which you can make out facial features from ten miles away. I always thought, this was a bit ridiculous – and in any case technologically impossible. Today I stand corrected.
The panoramic picture of London you can see above is available online – at a mind-boggling resolution of 80 Megapixel. Yes, that’s 16 times your iPhone camera’s resolution. And the result is incredible. You can zoom in and out of the picture to see either the entire city skyline – or check what kind of sandwich some random bypasser is having for lunch. Never mind protection of individual privacy… By the way, “the picture” is really a collection of 7886 pictures that were taken from the Top of the Centre Point Building in Central London in Summer 2010. Check it out here. To read the 360cities blog, where more panoramic pictures are available, click here

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