KAWS x Standard Hotel Light Bulbs

via The Standard

Yes, this is actually a post on light bulbs – and not even the energy-efficient type either (as if that had made it any more exciting anyway…). Mind you, these aren’t just regular light bulbs. They are designed by KAWS, an artist from Brooklyn whom you might now for stuff like this.

Recently, KAWS teamed up with the Standard Hotel to develop his line of bespoke light bulbs. Let’s pause here for a second and ponder the concept of bespoke light bulbs… Actually, let’s not. I think they look pretty amazing. At $20 a piece, however, they are not exactly cheap. But then they certainly don’t look like your ordinary 40 watt bulb either!

If you like the look of this, do not care about energy efficiency and have more money than sense, the Standard’s online shop will let you buy them in sets of three here. I have a nagging sense, however, that most of you probably won’t…

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