Space suits in music videos

via Waiting for the end of the World

Did you ever notice, how popular the space suit metaphor is in music videos? Obviously, it works really well, as an image for alienation, being in a hostile environment, and perfectly captures the fragility of life, as well as the protection needed for mere subsistence. Blah blah blah. I just like space suits. So in no particular order, here are some songs that feature space suits in their music videos:

Moby – We are all made of stars

Possibly the trendsetter? In any case the oldest video in this list. Also notice the random cameos.

Computer Magic – The End of Time

Not quite as good an effort as Moby (the suit is clearly too big) – and also less catchy. Since it features a lot of space suit action, its place in the list is well deserved though!

Kanye West – Spaceship

It’s Kanye, so obviously I think it’s great. However, even I must admit, that there is only limited use of space suits in this clip – it was mostly shot inside a GAP store… Still, towards the end there are some quality spacesuit shots – and a space shuttle launch in downtown Chicago. What isn’ there to love about that?

Common – Drivin me wild

I feel that I somehow need to defend the fact that I included this post – you will have to watch the entire video to even spot the space suit. The clip has some redeeming qualities, however:
a) It’s a good song
b) Lily Allen is wearing the space suit (whether or not you think this is an argument in favour of including the video will of course depend on what you make of Lily Allen)
c) A Rolls Royce goes up in flames in a badly animated explosion
d) Jeremy Piven, aka ARI GOLD stands next to Common bobbing his head for most of the video. For no apparent reason. Still, it’s Ari Gold. If you are not familiar with Ari Gold, stop whatever it is that you are doing right now, and watch all seasons of Entourage. Or, if you feel that this is a bit excessive (it’s not) wait for the forthcoming Ari Gold post!

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