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In my own humble opinion, Edmund Huszar, aka OVERWERK is one of the most underrated DJs / producers out there! I first came across his epic remix of a Wolfgang Gartner’s Space Junk, which is definitely one of the songs that has triple digit play counts in my iTunes.

Next up, I really like his Remix of Chromeo’s Night by Night

It’s not all remixes though. One of OVERWERK’s own productions that I am rather fond of is The Nth, which you can listen to below.

And finally, there is the amazing remix of Flights of the Conchord’s “Too many dicks”. In case you aren’t familiar with this song, which so aptly and eloquently describes one of the key problems young men in urban communities have to deal with on Friday nights, watch the video first.

…and this is the remix: Flight of the Conchords – Too many dicks (OVERWERK Remix)

Not enough OVERWERK for you? Head over to his Soundcloud account, where you can listen to and download all his songs for free!

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