Aubin Cinema, Shoreditch

Today is Monday, which is not only my second least favourite day of the week (with Tuesday being by far the worst), but also the day on which the Aubin Cinema sells discounted tickets. This in itself is reason enough to make Mondays superior to Tuesdays – as the Aubin is by far my favourite cinema in London. While some people take issue with its very mainstream programme (currently, it’s The Hangover II or nothing, but don’t even pretend that you didn’t enjoy Part I), I reckon that the actual cinema experience is hard to beat. For one, it is a really cosy small cinema that sits a mere 45 and comes with amazing arm chairs (no Odeon bucket seats here). However at the same time it has a state of the art projector and a really good sound system. Plus they sell wine by the bottle…

The Aubin Cinema is located in the basement of Shoreditch’s flagship Aubin& Wills Shop on Redchurch Street. If you want to make the whole experience even better, pick up some snacks on your way at Albion which is conveniently located on the same street and sells the largest cookies I have ever come across!

Check out the cinema programme here (if you want to decide what day you want to see the Hangover II that is…)

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