Ryan Leslie / PUSHA-T

Coincidentally, this blog shares its name with an R&B song by Ryan Leslie. You may not be familiar with Ryan Leslie. No Biggie (pun intended). Apparently, he is the youngest person to ever graduate from Harvard’s Kennedy School and at some point decided that he was now a world class producer (the world has yet to take notice). Occasionally he also tries to be the next Usher – as if that was something to aspire to… (Un?)Luckily for us, he has someone follow him around to document all of his work for posterity – sometimes this is quite entertaining). Sometimes it’s really not. What it always is though is borderline cringeworthy. So anyway, Mr Leslie made a song called Something that I like. I don’t care much for R&B (in fact, I agree emphatically with Wu-Tang’s RZA who calls it “Rhythm and Bullshit”), so let me be clear that I wouldn’t put in on here, if it weren’t for the title and Pusha-T, who jumped on the remix. Why? Because if you can look past the fact that his favourite topic to rap about is selling cocaine , Pusha-T is unbelievable – and pretty much outdid Kanye in their most recent collaboration. Plus, did you see that salmon-coloured jacket he wore in the video? He actually dedicated an entire verse to that outfit on a different Kanye West-produced song that also happens to feature Ryan Leslie – which is where this post comes full circle…

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